How to Draw a Zipper

how to draw a zipper

Category Clothing is one of the most popular on And to depict many items of clothing, you will have to learn how to draw a zipper. The ability to draw a zipper will be very useful if you want to depict a jacket or other similar items.

We decided to create only a short segment of the zipper, but you can safely stretch this detail. So, what does it take to learn how to draw a zipper? First of all, it should be a pencil with paper or a graphics tablet. Secondly, you need a good mood and a desire to draw a zipper. So, if everything is ready, then let’s get started!


Step 1

First, let’s depict some auxiliary lines. Use straight lines that should be very light, almost transparent. Our zipper will be half open.

how to draw a zipper step by step

Step 2

Now depict the outer lines of the chain. These lines should almost completely repeat the lines from the initial stage.

how to draw zipper tutorial

Step 3

Now let’s depict a tape around the zipper chain. The lines should be light enough, as did the artists of in the artwork below.

how to draw a zipper easy

Step 4

Now let’s make our zipper drawing cool and aesthetic. To do this, depict a chain, and depict a series of short lines located at the same distance from each other.

how to draw a zipper step by step

Step 5

Now the key point of the instruction on how to draw a zipper. Depict a slider, as the artists of did in the picture lower.

how to draw a zipper for beginners

Step 6

Now take an eraser and wipe off all guidelines from the zipper drawing. Now trace the sketch with a darker pencil or ink, so that the zipper drawing is clearer and more realistic.

how to draw a realistic zipper

Step 7

Let’s paint the zipper. You can use either gray colors, as in the example from the artists of, or any other color.

how to draw a zipper

If you get to these lines, then most likely you have learned how to draw a zipper. Now try to depict different cool clothes and add a zipper from this article. Also, go to our category called Clothing to understand all the nuances of fashion design.

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