How to Draw a Vulture

how to draw a vulture

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a vulture – one of the most creepy and mythologized birds.

This bird is very common in stories, mythology, and comics. One of the most famous opponents of Spider-Man is the Vulture, an old man in a vulture costume that gives him the ability to fly.

In addition, the vulture was a sacred bird for the ancient Egyptians and symbolized the goddess Nekhbet, who was depicted as a vulture.

But you need to understand that there are many different types of vultures, so in this instruction, we will show how to draw a vulture in the most familiar form.


Step 1

To correctly depict a vulture, you must first represent its body parts in the form of simple geometric shapes. Start by drawing a small head as a circle and a large torso as an elongated oval.

how to draw a vulture easy

Step 2

Use a couple of lines to draw the beak of the vulture. The tip of the beak should point downward. Next, use a pair of curved lines to draw the long neck of the vulture.

how to draw a vulture step by st

Step 3

A fairly simple stage where we will draw the details of the beak. First, draw a line dividing the beak into the upper and lower parts. Then depict a line separating the front of the beak from the back.

how to draw a vulture easily

Step 4

Now draw an oval eye with a small, round pupil in the center. To check the correctness and proportionality of the sketch, you can move it away from you or look at it through a mirror.

how to draw an easy vulture

Step 5

Let’s draw one of the most characteristic parts of the vulture’s body – a white fluffy collar. The lines of the feathers of this collar should be chaotically directed in different directions.

how to draw a vulture in easy way

Step 6

Using long lines draw the wings. The height of the wings should be approximately equal to the height of the torso. The upper part of the wings should give the impression of raised shoulders.

how to draw a cute vulture

Step 7

Use a pair of U-shaped lines with an uneven bottom to draw the upper parts of the legs. After that, draw the lower parts of the legs with simple vertical lines.

how to draw easy cartoon vulture

Step 8

Draw long fingers with sharp claws at the ends. We draw your attention to the fact that there are four toes on each leg, but because of the viewing angle, we see only three toes.

vulture drawing easy

Step 9

Now let’s start adding details, or rather the plumage. Draw feathers on the wings using lots of U-shaped lines. Use simple lines to draw the tail and feathers at the end of the tail.

vulture drawing images

Step 10

Now, using a large number of short, curved lines, draw the plumage on the vulture’s chest. The lines of the feathers should be approximately the same distance from each other.

vulture drawing step by step

Step 11

Now remove all construction lines from the drawing, they are no longer needed. To make the drawing more expressive, you can trace the vulture drawing with clear and more dark lines.

vulture drawing pictures

Step 12

So, let’s add some colors to our drawing. Color the head and neck in deep pink, the beak in dark yellow, the collar in white, the body in brown, and the legs in shades of orange. The eyes can be painted either dark red or yellow.

how to draw a vulture

You can also add shadows and highlights to your artwork. This will give your vulture drawing a more voluminous look. To make the drawing even better, you can depict the surface on which the bird is standing. It can be either a rock or a branch.


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