How to Draw a Teddy Bear

 How to Draw a Teddy Bear

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a Teddy Bear in just a few steps. Start the lesson and get your drawing skills.

We hope you enjoy drawing popular toys and offer you a new lesson in which you will learn how to draw a Teddy Bear. This bear invariably evokes sympathy, you want to pick it up and hug it.

You feel tender when you see this funny, a little sad Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bear has a big head, small eyes and movable limbs. A special charm is given by small square patches on the bear’s body.

The Teddy Bear is very interesting to play with. There are different legends about the origin of this toy. We can definitely say that the cute Teddy Bear quickly won the love of children and adults and has not lost popularity for many years.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Teddy Bear

  1. Draw the main outlines.

    Depict a circle to represent the bear’s head. Then add the torso using a smooth, rounded to draw a teddy bear easy

  2. Depict the ears.

    The ears are round and set far apart. Draw rounded lines on the sides of the head and add the inside of the to draw a teddy bear step by step

  3. Add the front of the muzzle and eyes.

    We continue to draw the elements of the muzzle of the bear and draw a large oval at the bottom of the head. A little higher draw two small to draw a teddy bear easy step by step

  4. Sketch out the rest of the muzzle.

    It remains to draw a few small elements—add the nose and small eyebrows. In the center, draw a small vertical strip and several transverse to draw a teddy bear step by step easy

  5. Draw the hind legs.

    Depict smooth lines in the lower part of the body, and draw the hind legs in a sitting position. Try to be to draw a teddy bear for beginners

  6. Depict the front paws and the seam on the belly.

    Draw smooth lines along the sides of the body to depict the front paws. In the middle of the body, draw a vertical strip and add a few transverse to draw a cute teddy bear easy

  7. Add feet and patches.

    On each hind leg, draw an oval and add small cross lines. On the head and on the stomach, draw patches of a square to draw a teddy bear in easy way

  8. Correct the inaccuracies.

    Prepare your drawing for coloring. To do this, remove all unnecessary lines and correct inaccuracies if to draw a teddy bear images

  9. Color the Teddy Bear.

    Color the body of the bear in light brown. For coloring patches, use a lighter shade.How to Draw a Teddy Bear

We tried to make this lesson as simple and accessible as possible. We hope that you’re easily coped with this task, even if you have little experience in drawing. Furthermore, we recommend that you pay attention to other lessons that will be no less interesting and useful for you.

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