How to Draw a Swan

how to draw a swan

In this drawing instruction, you will learn how to draw a swan easy and very quick.

The team of has decomposed the swan drawing into several very simple stages, each of which consists of very simple actions. If your art supplies are ready, then scroll down the page below to start the instruction on how to draw a swan.


Step 1

By tradition, we start with the simplest. Depict a swan’s head with a simple circle. Next, depict the bird’s torso as an oval shape. Do not try to make the shapes perfectly clean and smooth.

how to draw a swan step by step

Step 2

Now using two long, curved lines, connect the swan’s head and torso. The upper part of the neck should be noticeably thinner than the lower part.

how to draw a swan easy step by step

Step 3

Depict a line of water as shown in the picture from the artists of Please note that the water line should follow the outline of the swan’s body.

how to draw a swan in water

Step 4

Set aside the pencil for a while to take an eraser and use it to get rid of the construction lines depicted in the first stages.

how to draw a swan easy step by step

Step 5

On the swan’s head, depict a characteristic beak and a small round eye, which is located next to the beak. The lines of these details should be clean and crisp.

how to draw a swan easy

Step 6

Depict a wing that should be located in the upper torso of the beautiful bird. Using some short lines depict the feathers on the edge of the wing.

how to draw a swan easily

Step 7

Draw the swan’s tail as a triangular geometric shape. To make this part of the body more like a tail, depict feathers using a few short lines.

how to draw a swan on a lake

Step 8

Now again pick up the eraser to get rid of the remaining construction lines. Complete the swan drawing by depicting beautiful water waves around the bird.

how to draw a swan on a lake step by step

Step 9

So, if the swan drawing is complete, then it’s time to color it in. Use ivory for the plumage, orange for the beak, and dark brown for the area around the eyes.

how to draw a swan

So, the instruction on how to draw a swan is completed, and the team of wants to give you some important tips regarding portraying this beautiful animal.

To give the swan drawing a more convincing look, add more feathers to the wings and tail. In general, if you increase the texture of the plumage, then your swan drawing will look more voluminous. The volume of the picture is also facilitated by shadows, which can be depicted as in the drawing above.

Among other things, you can depict the swan in a different pose. For example, you can depict a swan with raised wings. You can use photos on the Internet for reference.


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