How to Draw a Stingray

how to draw a stringray

In this drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a stingray, one of the strangest and most unusual inhabitants of the underwater world.

This creature has a very flat body and large pectoral fins fused with the head. It makes this animal look like a floating sheet. The eyes are located on the upper surface, while the rest parts of the head are located on the lower surface. The upper surface of these unusual creatures is adapted in color to a particular living space. This means that stingrays come in a wide variety of colors, from very light to very dark.

We usually show how to draw the most standard representatives of certain creatures, and the tutorial on how to draw a stingray is no exception.


Step 1

Firstly, draw a long arcuate line, which will later become the central axis of the stingray. This line runs from the nose to the tip of the tail through the entire body.

how to draw a stingray easy

Step 2

Now draw the front edge of the stingray body with two smooth lines. Note that this line is somewhat similar to a bow. Try to achieve as smooth lines as possible.

how to draw a stingray step by step

Step 3

Use two more smooth lines to complete drawing the huge stingray fins. Recall that in order to check the proportionality of the sketch, you can look at it through a mirror.

how to draw a stingray step by step easy

Step 4

Further, use another long line to complete drawing the stingray tail. Use two short lines to draw the femoral fin, which is located between the body and the tail.

how to draw a cute stingray

Step 5

In the front of the head, draw a small eye and gills. Most rays have gills on the underside where the mouth and nostrils are, but in our stingray, the gills are located on the upper surface.

how to draw a stingray fish

Step 6

Make all the necessary finishing touches. Delete all unnecessary lines, and make the lines of the stingray drawing darker and more distinct.

how to draw a cartoon stingray

Step 7

We painted our stingray light blue-green. But as we said at the very beginning of this instruction on how to draw a stingray, this animal can be of a variety of colors. So you can paint the stingray in black, gray, sand, or any other color.

how to draw a stringray

If this instruction was helpful, and the seven stages above helped you learn how to draw a stingray, then it’s time to improve your art skills. For example, you can depict the environment of a stingray by drawing fish, algae, and other objects that may be found under water.

Next, you can go to the category called Animals to learn how to draw whales, wolves, and other inhabitants of the planet Earth. All this will help you to raise your level of drawing to very great heights.

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