How to Draw a Standing Horse

 Standing Horse drawing

With this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to draw a standing horse. Be sure to follow this tutorial to improve your creativity.

If you like to draw animals, then you will definitely like the new lesson on how to draw a standing horse. This is a beautiful and graceful animal. All movements of the horse are filled with grace.

In the figure, the horse stood on its hind legs, and raised its front legs up. Now you have to depict a horse in such a movement. In the process, keep the proportions and carefully draw all the lines so that your drawing is as similar as possible to our example.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Standing Horse

  1. Prepare the base.

    Depict the head, thoracic region and pelvis using oval shapes of various sizes. Draw connecting lines between these to draw a standing horse step by step

  2. Sketch out the limbs.

    Using thin smooth lines depict the position of the front and rear limbs. Draw the folds as large dots.How to Draw a Standing Horse for beginners

  3. Detail the head.

    Make the outline of the head more clear and expressive. Draw the pointed ear, the eye, the nostril, and the mouth.Standing Horse drawing lesson

  4. Draw the mane on top.

    With the help of curved lines, depict several spiky strands of the hair on the top of the head, which are directed in different directions.Standing Horse drawing tutorial

  5. Depict the neck.

    Continue adding outlines of the body and in this step draw the wide neck. Add the folds to depict the relief of the body.Standing Horse drawing guide

  6. Sketch out the front legs.

    Use the guidelines as a guide and give the front legs the desired shape and thickness. At the bottom draw the hooves.simple Standing Horse drawing

  7. Add the outline of the torso.

    Draw connecting lines between the thoracic region and the pelvis. At this stage, use clearer lines.cartoon Standing Horse drawing

  8. Draw the hind legs.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and give the legs the desired shape and thickness. Below, draw the outline of the hooves.realistic Standing Horse drawing

  9. Depict the tail.

    With the help of curved lines depict the magnificent tail. Select individual spiky strands.easy Standing Horse drawing

  10. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now the main contours are ready and you no longer need auxiliary lines. Carefully remove them with an eraser. Correct errors if necessary.step by step Standing Horse drawing

  11. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, use different shades of brown and black. Highlight the dark areas to make the drawing look more realistic.Standing Horse drawing

We hope you enjoyed your time and got great results. Write what other animals you want to draw, and we will definitely take into account your wishes when drawing up new instructions. If you want to be aware of all the new products, then subscribe to us on social networks.

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