How to Draw a Soldier

how to draw a soldier

If you wanted to create a drawing on a military theme, then this lesson will be useful, because now you will learn how to draw a soldier.

Now you will learn how to draw a soldier, and it will be a great exercise for your creativity. Once again, practice drawing a human figure.

You can draw a soldier in many ways, and a soldier can have a variety of uniforms. In this lesson, you will learn a very simple way to draw a soldier with a weapon. Here simple elements are used and there are no small details.

In this manual, the soldier has the most necessary items of equipment. The soldier has a protective helmet on his head, a wide bandage around his neck, a protective vest closes his torso and there are boots on his feet in which it will be convenient for the soldier to move, the soldier holds a machine gun in his hands.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Soldier

  1. Draw the base.

    First, draw three oval shapes of different sizes, which are located at some distance from each other. Draw a vertical line connecting these to draw a soldier step by step

  2. Mark the position of the arms and legs.

    Use thin, straight lines to define the position of the arms and legs. Draw all joints as large to draw a soldier step by step easy

  3. Add the torso and make markings on the head.

    Draw the sides of the torso, to do this, connect the thoracic region and the pelvis. Add the shoulders and draw the neck in the form of a cylinder. On the head, draw two transverse lines that will later help you correctly position the elements of the to draw a soldier easy

  4. Sketch out the hands.

    Draw the thickness of the arms. To do this, draw elements of a cylindrical shape. Draw the shoulder and elbow joints as to draw a beautiful soldier

  5. Depict the legs.

    This step is similar to the previous one. Use the guidelines and give the legs the necessary thickness, taking into account all the anatomical features. Draw the knee joint as a circle and add the lower parts of the to draw a soldier for beginners step by step

  6. Sketch out the helmet.

    The upper part of the helmet has the shape of a semicircle, the lower part is wider and has a figured to draw a soldier cute

  7. Draw the elements of the face.

    The soldier’s eyes are hidden under goggles, to try to depict their shape correctly. Add the small nose and draw the mouth as a small straight to draw a soldier cartoon step by step

  8. Depict the bandage around the neck.

    In this step, you can use arbitrary lines of different sizes. Mark the top and bottom contours of the bandage, draw the sides with wavy lines and add a few to draw a soldier drawing

  9. Draw the automaton.

    Now you have to draw several elements of different shapes. Repeat the same as in the to draw a soldier easy step by step

  10. Draw the clothes.

    From the shoulders, draw smooth lines down to represent the sleeve, add cuffs on each sleeve and pleats at the elbow to draw a soldier easily

  11. Depict the hands and vest.

    Try to correctly depict the position of the hands. To depict the vest, draw straight lines on the chest and to draw a military soldier

  12. Sketch out the pants.

    Add the outline of the trousers, while using the same lines that you drew in the previous steps. Here you can use smooth, slightly curved lines.drawing soldier easy

  13. Draw the boots.

    The soldier has low boots with lacing in the front. Try to correctly depict the shape of the boots and the position of the legs.drawing soldiers step by step

  14. Correct inaccuracies.

    Finally, you have drawn all the main outlines, and now you can evaluate your drawing. If you notice errors, you can correct them at this stage. Remove all extra lines in your drawing.drawing a soldier step by step

  15. Color the soldier.

    You can use any shades of gray, green, and beige. The machine gun and glasses are painted in dark gray. Don’t forget to add shadows to make your drawing look more to draw a soldier

We hope that this instruction was simple and understandable for you. Write us your wishes about what objects you would like to draw in the following lessons. We will definitely consider all your wishes.

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