How to Draw a Roadrunner

How to draw a Roadrunner

In this simple tutorial, we will show you how to draw a roadrunner step by step. This lesson will definitely be useful for you.

We invite you to continue drawing various birds, and in this lesson our team has prepared for you an instruction on how to draw a white road bird step by step.

This guide consists of ten steps. Any novice artist or child can easily cope with this instruction, since it does not contain any complex elements.

So, the roadrunner is an unusual bird with a tuft sticking up on its head and colorful plumage. This bird has a fairly sharp beak. The bird got its name due to the fact that it can often be seen running.

The roadrunner runs on the ground faster than any other flying bird, because it has sufficiently powerful paws. These birds have a habit of running in front of cars and swerving at the last moment. Roadrunners are predominantly found in California.

This bird became very famous due to the fact that he became a character in the cartoon “Road Runner” in a duet with Wile Coyote. And now you can use our instruction to learn how to draw this bird.

Time needed: 50 minutes.

How to Draw a Roadrunner

  1. Mark the location of the head and torso.

    Start your drawing with markings. To do this, draw an oval and a circle using broken, curved to draw a roadrunner step by step

  2. Draw the neck and tail of the roadrunner.

    Connect the previously drawn shapes with two curved lines and also add the long narrow tail as to draw a roadrunner easy

  3. Depict the top of the roadrunner’s head and beak.

    Above the previously drawn head, draw many short lines, one straight line, and also add the pointed to draw a roadrunner bird

  4. Finish drawing the beak and add the eyes.

    Inside the outline of the previously drawn beak, add curved lines and the dot, depict the eye as a circle with the large dot inside to draw a roadrunner cartoon

  5. Depict the wing and upper legs of the roadrunner.

    On the side of the previously drawn torso, depict one wing using curved lines. Draw the two bases of the legs at the bottom of the to draw road runner easy

  6. Finish drawing the legs of the roadrunner.

    Below the previously drawn elements, draw some straight lines, and also add the fingers and pointed to draw roadrunner step by step easy

  7. Draw the tail feathers of the roadrunner.

    Sketch out two straight lines on the bird’s tail, and add some arcs and curved lines to draw the to draw a roadrunner bird step by step

  8. Add the plumage to the bird’s wing.

    On the previously drawn roadrunner wing, add many curved lines of varying lengths, as shown.roadrunner bird how to draw

  9. Complete the sketch.

    Your drawing is almost ready, now you should use the eraser to remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines.roadrunner bird drawing

  10. Color the drawing.

    To color the roadrunner, use different shades of gray as well as taupe.How to draw a Roadrunner

So this drawing lesson came to an end, in which you learned how to draw a roadrunner. If you carefully followed all the steps of drawing, then you have an excellent drawing. Be sure to share your feedback and suggestions so that we take them into account when creating new drawing lessons.

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