How to Draw a Raccoon

how to draw a raccoon

In this drawing lesson, we want to tell you how to draw a raccoon step by step. This lesson is sure to please you and will be very useful.

So, our team has prepared a step-by-step instruction for you, with the help of which you will learn how to draw a raccoon step by step. This drawing lesson contains fourteen simple steps, each of which is accompanied by a detailed description. An important skill for the quality implementation of this lesson will be your ability to correctly designate areas of light and shadow.

So, the object of drawing in this lesson is a raccoon—a very cute predatory mammal. Externally, raccoons resemble small dogs, but they have a very interesting and unusual color that will not allow them to be confused with any other animal.

Raccoons have a stocky body with short legs, movable fingers and sharp claws. These predators have fluffy, thick fur. The coat of a raccoon is usually yellowish-gray in color with black hairs.

On the forehead and nose, raccoons have a dark stripe. Around the eyes, their hair is as dark as on the forehead. The tail of the raccoon has a unique coloration, presented in the form of wide alternating rings of gray and black.

This animal is very funny, so raccoons often become characters in various cartoons. There are also breeds of raccoons that people have as pets.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Raccoon

  1. Add basic drawing markup.

    To indicate the location of the head, front, and back of the body of the raccoon, you should draw an oval and two incomplete to draw a raccoon step by step

  2. Add guidelines.

    At the bottom and side of the previously drawn elements, draw a few curved lines to indicate the location of the limbs and to draw a raccoon easy

  3. Draw the chin and ears of the raccoon.

    In the upper and lower parts of the previously drawn outline of the head, draw two symmetrical ears and a chin in the form of to draw a raccoon step by step easy

  4. Depict the eyes and the inside of the ears.

    Add the eyes inside the outline of the head using arcs, and also add the inside of the ears in the form of curved and wavy to draw a raccoon cartoon

  5. Add elements of the muzzle of the raccoon.

    Sketch out curved lines inside the eyes, add the nose in the form of an arc and dots, draw the raccoon whisker using thin straight to draw a basic raccoon

  6. Sketch out the fur on the raccoon’s head.

    To make the raccoon’s head look more realistic, draw many short lines on the sides of the to draw a raccoon for beginners

  7. Add the outlines of the front paws of the raccoon.

    Use short dashed lines to draw the outline of the raccoon’s front paws near the previously drawn to draw a realistic raccoon step by step

  8. Finish drawing the front paws of the raccoon.

    Add the feet and toes with the pointed claws, using rounded and thick lines at the bottom of the raccoon’s front to draw a raccoon cute

  9. Draw the outlines of the raccoon’s hind legs.

    Now you should draw many short broken lines near the markings indicating the location of the raccoon’s hind to draw a cute raccoon step by step

  10. Finish drawing the hind legs.

    Add the large feet, fingers, each of which has the pointed claw. To depict this, use curved to draw a cool raccoon

  11. Finish drawing the tail of the raccoon.

    Connect the lower torso and the previously drawn tail line using short, broken, curved to draw a raccoon drawing

  12. Add decorative elements.

    To draw the pattern on the face of the raccoon, as well as add stripes on the legs and tail, draw thin, curved and wavy to draw a raccoon easy step by step

  13. Prepare the drawing for coloring.

    Before you start coloring this drawing, you should remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines using the to draw a cute raccoon easy

  14. Color the drawing.

    To color the raccoon, use different shades of gray and black. Be sure to add hatching to represent the to draw a raccoon

So this wonderful and very useful drawing lesson came to an end, with the help of which you could learn how to draw a raccoon step by step. Note that if you want your drawing to look more realistic, you can mark the shadow areas with a darker shade of gray. Follow the drawing lessons prepared by us to greatly improve your skills as an artist.

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