How to Draw a Pyramid

how to draw a pyramid, as the name implies, specializes in simple drawing tutorials. And just such a lesson is today’s article on how to draw a pyramid.

In general, this article is part of a series of articles on devoted to drawing buildings. And since the pyramid is not only the easiest to build, but also in drawing, we decided to start this cycle with it.


Step 1

So, we will begin to draw a pyramid with a non-isosceles triangle. We made the bottom line parallel to the horizon, the left line is slightly shorter and the right one is slightly longer. That is, at this stage the triangle should be as if inclined.

How to draw a pyramid easy

Step 2

Let’s turn a triangle sketch into a pyramid drawing by adding a couple of extra lines. At this stage, the left and right edges of the pyramid should have the same slope.

how to draw a ancient pyramid

Step 3

Using a pair of simple lines, depict the horizon line. We decided to draw a simple straight horizon, but you can sketch mountains or other pyramids in the background.

How to draw a pyramid step by step

Step 4

Let’s now begin to sketch the texture of this grand building. At this stage, make a large number of horizontal lines. Consider the perspective by drawing these lines (the lines on the side face should be oblique) so that the pyramid drawing does not look flat.

How to draw a pyramid for beginners

Step 5

Let’s now add a little life and volume to our pyramid drawing. The sand under it and the pyramid itself will be painted in shades of sandy yellow. The sky behind the pyramid will be traditionally blue, but you can paint a red sky as a reference to films about mummies or ancient legends.

How to draw a pyramid

As we said at the very beginning, the pyramid is a very simple structure to build. This explains why such a grandiose structure, which was the tomb of the pharaohs, was built in the shape of a pyramid. The fact is that in ancient times, mankind did not know how to build tall objects so that, due to their size and weight, they did not fall apart, and therefore architects of antiquity chose this form.

And as you probably already could see, the pyramid is not only easy to build, but also to draw. In the future, we are going to create a lot of other lessons about different buildings, so do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks so as not to miss a single lesson from

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