How to Draw a Person from the Side

 realistic john cena drawing

We invite you to a new lesson in which we will show how to draw a person from the side. Be sure to complete this lesson to gain useful artistic skills.

In this lesson we want to teach you how to draw a human figure from different angles and now you will learn how to draw a human from the side. As an example, we have chosen the figure of a man who is dressed in a business suit and holds his hand in his pocket.

As usual, you will start drawing with the construction of baselines and will gradually give clarity and expressiveness to your drawing. Memorize all the drawing steps so that you can easily draw a person from the side if necessary.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Person from the Side

  1. Prepare the base.

    With the help of thin lines draw the main parts of the body in the form of figures of different shapes, located at some distance from each other. Determine the central axis of the to draw john cena easy

  2. Determine the position of the limbs.

    Using straight lines, depict the position of the arms and legs. Draw the folds as large to draw john cena cartoon

  3. Start adding the body contours.

    Draw smooth connecting lines between the head and chest to represent the neck. Add the outline of the belly and back. Sketch out the to draw john cena realistic

  4. Depict the outline of the hand.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and give the hand the necessary thickness. Mark the places of the folds in the form of ovals and draw the visible part of the hand below.john cena drawing lesson

  5. Draw the outline of the leg.

    Use smooth lines and depict the legs, taking into account all the anatomical features. Draw the knee joint as an oval and add the foot at the bottom.john cena drawing tutorial

  6. Detail the head.

    Make the contours of the face sharper and add elements of the face. Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Draw the ear hair on the head. Add the shirt collar.john cena drawing guide

  7. Start drawing the clothes.

    Draw the collar of the jacket and add the outline of the jacket on the back on the stomach. Draw the bottom outline. At this stage, all lines should be clear and expressive.simple john cena drawing

  8. Depict the sleeve.

    As a guide, use the lines that you drew earlier and carefully trace the sleeve along the contour. At the bottom, add the cuff and draw the small folds on the elbow joint.easy john cena drawing

  9. Sketch out the pants.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and give the trousers the desired shape. Draw the belt and add the outline of the pocket.cartoon john cena drawing

  10. Draw the shoes.

    After you have drawn the clothes, you can start drawing the shoes. Try to correctly depict the outline of the boot. Add the small heel.john cena drawing for beginners

  11. Detail the hair and add the folds to the clothes.

    Using thin strokes, depict individual strands of the hair on the head. Draw thin lines to represent the folds in the fabric. This will make your drawing look more realistic.john cena drawing step by step

  12. Correct inaccuracies.

    The main contours are ready and you no longer need auxiliary lines. You can remove them with the eraser. If you notice errors, correct them immediately.john cena drawing very easy

  13. Color the drawing.

    For coloring the skin and hair, use any natural shades. Color the clothes blue and dark blue. Color the boots brown. Highlight the dark areas.realistic john cena drawing

Now you have learned how to draw a person from the side, and you can use the acquired skills to create new drawings. Subscribe to us on social networks so as not to miss new drawing lessons.

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