How to Draw a Person Face

simple person face drawing for beginners

In this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a person face. If you complete this lesson, you will acquire useful skills that will definitely come in handy for creating new drawings.

So, we are glad to offer you an interesting and useful lesson on how to draw a person face. As an example, we chose the face of a young man.

In order to draw the face, you must prepare the baselines and gradually add details, trying to achieve the maximum resemblance to the example. Grab your art supplies and get ready for some fun creative work.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Person Face

  1. Prepare the base.

    Determine the size and location of the drawing and draw an oval in which the lower part is narrower and more to draw a person face easy

  2. Mark up the face, add the ears and neck.

    In the middle of the head, draw a few transverse lines that will help you correctly position the elements of the face. On the sides of the head draw the ears and at the bottom add the to draw a person face for beginners

  3. Determine the position of the eyes and eyebrows.

    With the help of thin lines depict two almond-shaped eyes and draw the eyebrows a little higher. At this stage, all lines should be to draw an human face

  4. Determine the size of the nose.

    Using the guidelines start drawing the nose. First draw the tip of the nose in the form of a semicircular line, then add the nostrils on the to draw a human face easy

  5. Start drawing the mouth.

    In this step, determine the width of the lips. To do this, draw ovals of different sizes. Be careful and keep to draw a man's face for beginners

  6. Give the drawing clarity and expressiveness.

    Carefully outline the ears and immediately add the inner curve of the auricle. Outline the oval of the face and neck.person face drawing lesson

  7. Draw the hair.

    With the help of smooth curved lines draw the outline of the hair above the forehead, at the temples and at the crown. Freehand lines are allowed in this step.person face drawing tutorial

  8. Make the eyes clearer.

    Take the eyes along the contour, giving them the correct shape. Draw the irises and pupils, add the corners of the eyes. Depict the folds on the upper and lower eyelids.person face drawing guide

  9. Define the eyebrows and nose.

    Continue to add a more realistic look to the drawing and in this step outline the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape and outline the nose, focusing on the lines you drew earlier.simple person face drawing

  10. Depict the outline of the lips.

    Use the lines you drew in the previous steps as a guide and carefully trace the contour of the lips, giving them a natural shape.cartoon person face drawing

  11. Detail the hair.

    On the hair, draw thin, smooth lines to depict the individual strands of the hair. When doing this, consider the direction of the hair growth.easy person face drawing

  12. Correct inaccuracies.

    Take the eraser and carefully remove any extra lines on the drawing to prepare it for coloring.person face drawing step by step

  13. Color the drawing.

    For coloring the skin and hair, use any natural shades. Color the iris and eyebrows in dark brown. Highlight the dark areas.simple person face drawing for beginners

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