How to Draw a Mammoth

how to draw a mammoth

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mammoth in just a few easy steps. I am sure that this instruction will be useful for you.

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In this lesson, we want to show how to draw a mammoth. You will definitely enjoy this lesson if you want to improve your creative skills and are interested in the animals that used to live on our planet.

The mammoth is a huge mammal that had thick fur and long tusks. Mammoths existed for many years, but then finally disappeared. Until now, the exact reason for the disappearance of mammoths is unknown, there are only assumptions.

With the help of a simple instruction, you can easily draw a mammoth. You can use the acquired skills when you want to draw an ordinary elephant, for this you need to change the shape of the tusks.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Mammoth

  1. Create the base.

    Draw three circles of different sizes. Pay special attention to the relative position of the circles and keep all to draw a mammoth easy

  2. Draw the outlines of the torso and add the limbs.

    Depict smooth connecting lines between the circles to draw the back and belly. Add the hump that mammoths had, unlike modern elephants. Use thin lines to define the location of the to draw a mammoth easy step by step

  3. Detail the head.

    Draw the small eye and a crease under the eye. With the help of smooth curved lines, draw the wide base of the to draw a mammoth cartoon

  4. Sketch out the ear.

    The upper part of the ear is rounded. To draw the lower part of the ear, use short strokes that represent a diagonal to draw a mammoth step by step

  5. Add the tusks.

    In this step, be especially careful, because you must correctly depict the shape of the tusks. The tusks have a wide base and a long, narrow to draw an easy mammoth

  6. Draw the trunk.

    From the base of the trunk, depict down smooth lines. At the end of the trunk, add two large dots to represent the to draw a simple cartoon mammoth

  7. Depict the front legs.

    Give volume to the legs. For this, use the auxiliary lines that you drew at the beginning of the lesson. Draw the outline of the legs with small, short to draw a cartoon wooly mammoth

  8. Sketch out the feet.

    On each leg, draw the lower part. Depict the few fingers and on each finger add the wide, rounded to draw a woolly mammoth easy

  9. Draw the back legs.

    The hind legs are placed side by side and one leg covers the other leg. Draw the back legs with the same short strokes as the front legs.mammoth drawing easy

  10. Depict the foot and tail.

    Draw the foot on one back leg. You can’t see the foot on the other leg. Add the small tail that has the tassel at the end.mammoth drawing step by step

  11. Correct the inaccuracies.

    The main kennel is ready, and it’s time to check your drawing and correct inaccuracies. Carefully remove all unnecessary lines and make the outline clearer.mammoth drawing picture

  12. Color the mammoth.

    For coloring fur, use brown and add shadows with a darker shade. Color the tusks in light to draw a mammoth

Now you know how to draw a mammoth step by step. We hope that this step-by-step guide was not difficult for you, and you did a great job. We recommend that you complete other lessons that are presented on this site. The team is constantly working on creating new, exciting lessons, so we help you improve your creative skills.

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