How to Draw a Lizard

how to draw a lizard

In this very simple and even elementary instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a lizard. The instruction consists of seven stages, all the new lines in which we painted red in order to achieve maximum simplicity and clarity.


Step 1

So, firstly, depict the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of three simple balls. Next, with one long line, depict the backbone that goes into the tail. With four simple lines, depict the limbs.

how to draw a lizard easy

Step 2

Using a long and smooth line, portray the face and neck. Then, using two ovals, portray the eyes of the lizard. From this point of view, the mouth is not visible.

how to draw a lizard step by step

Step 3

Now, using two long and smooth lines, add volume to the torso and tail, which tapers very smoothly closer to the tip.

how to draw a lizard easy step by step

Step 4

Now, with a few simple lines, add volume to the limbs. The forelimbs are noticeably thinner than the hind limbs.

how to draw a lizard for kids

Step 5

In this stage, we will, in fact, complete the depiction of the lizard, depicting the paws. Repeat their shape as in the image from the artists of

how to draw a lizard step by step easy

Step 6

Now wipe off all the auxiliary lines from the lizard drawing, which we depicted in the initial stage. You can darken the reptie drawing with ink or a pen, for example.

how to draw a lizard cartoon

Step 7

Now take the green or yellow color and paint the lizard. You can also portray some stripes and patterns on the body of the reptile.

how to draw a lizard

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