How to Draw a Lamborghini


Today, you will learn how to draw a Lamborghini in just a few easy steps. Start this tutorial and get useful drawing skills!

In this drawing lesson, you will be able to learn how to draw a Lamborghini step by step. This lesson will not leave any of you indifferent, and will help you improve your skills as an artist. This drawing lesson will especially appeal to motorists. The step-by-step instruction consists of sixteen steps, each of which has a detailed description.

We are sure that each of you knows about such a car as a Lamborghini. Lamborghini are considered expensive sports cars produced by an Italian company. Lamborghini is a world-famous brand. In this tutorial, you will draw a beautiful yellow Lamborghini.

I think you can’t wait to start this exciting drawing lesson. Then you can prepare your art supplies right away and start painting. Carefully follow each step of this instruction so that you will be pleased with the result. We wish you enjoy the creative process.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Lamborghini

  1. Draw the guidelines.

    First, you need to determine the dimensions and location of the Lamborghini. To do this, draw a figure using straight lines and an

  2. Depict the wheels of the car.

    Add two wheels in the form of circles around the edges of the previously drawn shape. Make sure the wheels are the same

  3. Sketch out the arches above the wheels.

    Depict arcs, and also add straight lines in the back of the car, as shown in the

  4. Add the bottom border of the car windows.

    Inside the previously drawn large shape, draw one curved line, as shown in the

  5. Draw the outlines of the roof and window.

    Depict two curved lines to add these elements to the top of the Lamborghini. This is a simple action that you can quickly

  6. Depict the line of the Lamborghini door.

    Add several straight lines of various sizes across the top, middle, and bottom of the

  7. Add elements to the side.

    Sketch out some straight lines on the right side as shown in the picture. Do it

  8. Depict the car side mirror.

    Continue drawing all the components of the car, and now you should draw a mirror using straight and curved

  9. Sketch out the door handle and some elements.

    Draw the door handle as a rectangle-like shape and add some straight lines of different lengths to the side of the

  10. Draw the headlights of the Lamborghini.

    On the left side, depict the headlights using straight lines of different lengths, placing them on the left side of the

  11. Add the Lamborghini taillights.

    Now you should add a few more straight lines of different lengths, placing them on the right side of your

  12. Sketch out the rims of the wheels.

    Inside the previously drawn circles, draw two more identical circles of a smaller

  13. Depict the inner part of the wheel rims.

    Inside the circles drawn in the previous step, you should add two even smaller circles of the same

  14. Finish drawing the rims of the Lamborghini.

    Inside the previously drawn circles, draw many straight intersecting lines of the same length.learn-how-to-draw-a-lamborghini

  15. Erase extra lines.

    Prepare your drawing for coloring. Correct inaccuracies if necessary. Use the eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines from the

  16. Color the drawing.

    The main contours are ready, and now you can safely proceed to coloring. To color the Lamborghini, use yellow, shades of gray and red.How-to-Draw-a-Lamborghini

Great work! This is the end of this drawing lesson, in which we told you how to draw a Lamborghini step by step. If you liked this tutorial, you can share it with your friends and also leave your comment. Follow us on social media if you haven’t already and stay tuned for our updates.


  1. I liked it and it turned out perfectly and no flaws GODLY PICTURES.I drew really well and this was easy and I added some of my own things like the back wing.I am godly no you don’t believe in yourself and DO IT with us

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