How to Draw a Hospital

 hospital drawing with colour

We invite you to an interesting lesson in which we will show you how to draw a hospital. This lesson will be useful for you, and you can use the acquired skills in the future.

With this lesson you will learn how to draw a hospital step by step. The figure shows a building that has a high central building and side two-story buildings.

Here is a very simple way to draw, and therefore you can easily cope with this creative task. In the process, you can use any tools at hand or draw all the lines yourself. You can apply the acquired skills in the future when you want to draw any other structures.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Hospital

  1. Prepare baselines.

    Determine the size of the drawing and draw one large rectangle and two identical rectangles on the to draw a hospital step by step

  2. Add the top of the building.

    At the top of the picture, draw two elongated horizontal stripes using even, straight to draw a hospital easy step by step

  3. Draw the emblem.

    In the middle of the central body, draw two circles of different diameters and draw a cross to draw a hospital building

  4. Sketch out the doors.

    Draw the doors using straight lines. Above the doors, draw the canopy that has the formula of an elongated to draw a hospital easy

  5. Add the roof elements.

    At the top of the side structures, draw horizontal lines and add a few transverse to draw a hospital art hub

  6. Draw the windows on the top floor.

    Add vertical rectangular windows on each side case. Be careful and make sure that the windows have the same to draw a cartoon hospital

  7. Depict the windows on the lower floor.

    On the bottom floor of each side building, draw the windows the same size as in the previous drawing easy

  8. Add the inscription.

    In the upper part of the central building, make an inscription that will indicate the purpose of this drawing cartoon

  9. Correct inaccuracies.

    Take a close look at the drawing and if you notice any mistakes, correct them at this stage.realistic hospital drawing

  10. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, you will need different shades of gray. Color the windows and doors blue, paint the stripes on the roof blue, and paint the emblem drawing with colour

Now you have learned how to draw a hospital. You can additionally practice and draw a few more buildings for various purposes, guided by the principles that you have mastered in this lesson. Follow us on social networks and stay tuned for updates on the site.

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