How to Draw a Hawk

How to Draw a Hawk

Today, you will learn how to draw a hawk in just a few easy steps. This step-by-step guide is very simple and helpful.

We invite you to complete a new, interesting lesson in which you will learn how to draw a hawk. Drawing birds is a very exciting activity, because there are a huge number of birds on our planet, and each species is fascinating and beautiful in its own way.

In your drawings, try to take into account all the structural features of the bird and choose the right shades for coloring the plumage.

In this lesson, you have to draw a large bird of prey. The hawk is a slender bird that has wide bent wings and a long, straight tail. The hawk has long, clawed feet and a sharp, hooked beak. This helps the hawk to quickly deal with its prey.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Hawk

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Now you have to draw two ovals of different sizes at some distance from each other. Try to correctly position these objects on a sheet of paper and at the same time maintain to draw a hawk easy

  2. Depict the neck.

    Draw two smooth connecting lines between the head and torso. The neck should be wide to draw a hawk step by step

  3. Sketch out the tail.

    Draw diagonal lines from the back and belly of the hawk. At the end of the tail, draw the outline of several large to draw a hawk easy step by step

  4. Add the beak.

    The upper part of the beak has a rounded shape, the end of the beak is very sharp. Depict the rest of the beak using curved to draw a hawk bird

  5. Depict the eye, the nostril and refine the outline of the head.

    Draw a short line to represent the upper eyelids, and draw an oval-shaped eye. On the beak, make a short stroke to represent the nostril and depict a smooth line above the to draw a hawk body

  6. Draw the wings.

    Using a rounded line, depict the visible part of one wing and draw the second wing in its entirety. With the help of several rounded lines, add large feathers at the end of the to draw a cute hawk

  7. Sketch out the feathers to the wing.

    Using curved lines, depict the ends of the feathers on the wing. Please note that the feathers are small in the upper part of the wing, and the feathers are elongated towards the end of the wing.step by step instructions on how to draw a hawk

  8. Add the top of the paws.

    The upper part of the paws is quite wide and has an uneven lower edge.steps on how to draw a hawk

  9. Depict the bottom of the paws.

    The hawk has long toes and large claws. Try to correctly depict the position of the fingers in your to draw a picture of a hawk

  10. Correct the inaccuracies.

    At this stage, compare your drawing with the example and correct any inaccuracies if to draw a simple hawk

  11. Color the hawk.

    Dark gray paint the head, back and wings. Light gray paint, the lower part of the torso. Beak, eyes, and paws paint in light orange.How to Draw a Hawk

We hope that this lesson was useful for you, and you completed it with pleasure. Try also to complete other lessons presented on this site and draw other birds or animals. Improve your skills and achieve the best results in drawing!

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