How to Draw a Hammer

How to Draw a Hammer

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a hammer. As always, the team of made the drawing process as simple and straightforward as possible.

The lesson on how to draw a hammer will consist of a large number of straight lines. You can draw them with a ruler, but we recommend that you do without it to develop your skills in drawing straight lines.


How to Draw a Hammer

Step 1

Let’s start drawing a hammer by drawing a long handle. Draw the top and bottom lines first, and then connect them with a short vertical line.

how to draw a hammer step by step

Step 2

Now let’s start drawing the head of the hammer. First, using a curved line, draw the part of the head that fits against the handle.

how to draw an easy hammer

Step 3

Now, using a slightly curved line, draw the front top part of the head. Note that this part of the head should smoothly taper and bend towards the top.

how to draw a hammer easy

Step 4

Finish draw the hammer head by drawing the lower front part. By the way, the part with which the nail is driven into the surface is called the face.

how do you draw a cartoon hammer

Step 5

Check out your hammer drawing with an example drawn by the artists of Find all mistakes, if any, and fix them. Next, you can trace your hammer drawing to give it a sharper and more complete look.

how to easily draw a hammer

Step 6

Our artists used gray for the head and brown for the handle. We also added some shadows and highlights to make the drawing of the hammer look more voluminous.

How to Draw a Hammer

We live at a time when each company creates its own version of even the most simple and familiar items. Therefore, you can try drawing a different hammer using the steps above.

For example, you can try to draw a hammer with a more complex and curved handle, with a simpler and more straight head.

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