How to Draw a Ferrari

How to draw a Ferrari

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a Ferrari – one of the most beautiful and well-known supercars in the world.

As you probably know, almost all cars are drawn in about the same way. And this is understandable because all cars have approximately the same structure.

So if you learn how to draw a Ferrari, then you can draw any other car, slightly changing some of the details.


How to draw a Ferrari

Step 1

Start drawing a Ferrari by sketching the basic outline of the body. In the first step, your Ferrari drawing should look like something like a flat box.

how to draw a ferrari step by step

Step 2

Now let’s make our flat box look more like a Ferrari drawing. Using very smooth lines sketch the wheels. They should look like simple ovals.

how to draw a ferrari easy

Step 3

Now let’s start drawing details. First, sketch out the windows at the top. Then use simple short lines to sketch out the details of the bumper.

how to draw an easy ferrari

Step 4

Use three simple lines to sketch out the door. Next, sketch out a small rearview mirror at the front of the door and a large spoiler at the rear of the body.

how to draw a ferrari easy way

Step 5

Mark the wheel arches with a few short lines. Next, go to the front of the body and carefully draw the details of the Ferrari’s front bumper.

how to draw a ferrari cartoon

Step 6

Now let’s make the Ferrari wheels more voluminous. First of all, carefully sketch the rims. Next, add volume to the wheels with a couple of simple and short lines.

how to draw a ferrari drawings

Step 7

Now let’s add some details to our Ferrari drawing. In the front, draw L-shaped headlights. After that, thicken the front window frame and the rearview mirror. Draw the cap for the gas tank.

how to draw a ferrari easily

Step 8

Now draw the pattern of the rims. Draw the center circle first, and then the spokes diverging from the center to the edges.

how to draw a ferrari step by step with pictures

Step 9

Let’s now give our Ferrari drawing a more finished look. Using an eraser, delete all unnecessary guidelines sketched by us in the first steps.

ferrari drawing easy

Step 10

We decided to use red for the body, gray for the windows, headlights, and rims, and black for the wheels, spoiler, and lower front part of the bumper.

How to draw a Ferrari

So, the Ferrari drawing is complete, and it’s time to figure out how to make it more interesting and beautiful.

Firstly, you can try drawing some characters inside the car. Then you can try to draw some details of the environment. This will make your drawing more lively and interesting.

Next, try to use the knowledge from this drawing lesson to draw some other model of the Ferrari or, in general, a supercar or sports car from another company.

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