How to Draw a Doctor

How to Draw a Doctor

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a doctor. This tutorial consists of just a few simple steps with helpful hints.

We have created a new lesson that will help you greatly improve your artistic skills, and now you will learn how to draw a doctor. Probably, you will agree that this is the most important and noble profession, because a doctor helps to restore lost health and saves people’s lives.

Such work requires great responsibility and dedication, the doctor effectively applies all his knowledge and experience to prevent diseases and help people restore health.

There are different directions in medicine and therefore doctors are different. It is definitely customary to depict a doctor in a white coat, with a stethoscope and with medical documents in his hands. It is in this form that you will now draw a doctor.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Doctor

  1. Draw the base.

    Let’s start with the simplest. Mark the position of the main parts of the body and with thin lines draw the spine, the outline of the head, thoracic region and to draw a doctor easy

  2. Depict the outline of the torso and add the outline of the face.

    Draw the neck and draw smooth lines on the sides to get a figure that gradually tapers downwards. Sketch out thin transverse lines on the to draw a doctor step by step

  3. Add the arms.

    Use thin lines and draw parts of the arms in the form of cylinders, depict the shoulder in the form of a circle and draw the outlines of the to draw a doctor easy step by step

  4. Sketch out the legs.

    Draw smooth lines down from the torso, try to correctly depict all the anatomical curves of the legs. The feet are turned in different to draw an easy doctor

  5. Add facial features.

    At this stage, you can already proceed to a more detailed drawing. Define the outline of the face, add the eyes, nose, and mouth using the markings you made to draw a doctor step by step cartoon

  6. Depict the rest of the head.

    Add the outline of the hair, draw the small oval ear and also draw the glasses which are to draw a cute doctor

  7. Start drawing the clothes.

    Make the outline of the neck and shoulders clearer. Depict the upper part of the clothes, for this depict the collar of the shirt, tie, and the collar of the medical to draw a cute cartoon doctor

  8. Draw the sleeves.

    Use the lines you drew earlier and draw the outline of the sleeves. Draw the bottom outline of the sleeves and add small pleats at the folds.drawing how to draw a doctor

  9. Add the hands.

    The hands are in different positions. On one hand, the fingers are bent, holding the folder, the other hand hangs freely down. Drawing hands will be a great workout for to draw doctor picture step by step

  10. Depict the robe, folder, and stethoscope.

    Draw some even straight lines to draw the bottom of the coat and add details—draw a folder with documents and a stethoscope around the doctor’s drawing easy

  11. Sketch out the pants and shoes.

    With the help of smooth lines, draw the pants. Use the lines you drew earlier as a guide. Then add the drawing easy step by step

  12. Prepare the drawing for coloring.

    Check your drawing against the example and correct any mistakes if any. With an eraser, remove all extra lines in your drawing picture

  13. Color the drawing.

    Use natural shades to color your skin and hair. Color the robe in light gray, use shades of blue and gray for coloring clothes and shoes. Add shadows to make the drawing look more realistic.How to Draw a Doctor

We have finally finished the step-by-step guide to drawing a doctor. Write to us about whether you are satisfied with the result of your work. Also write what other professions you know and what you would like to portray, and we will try to prepare new lessons based on your wishes.

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