How to Draw a Cook

 simple cook drawing step by step

We bring to your attention an interesting drawing lesson in which we will show how to draw a cook. We recommend that you complete this lesson right now to acquire new useful skills.

With the help of a clear and accessible instruction, you will learn how to draw a chef step by step. In this lesson you will draw a man who is dressed in a special suit.

A mandatory attribute of a cook’s clothing is a cap. During the lesson, try to keep all proportions and remember the drawing steps so that in the future you can easily draw a cook if necessary.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Cook

  1. Draw the baselines.

    Determine the position of the main parts of the body. To do this, draw shapes of different shapes at some distance from each to draw a cook realistic

  2. Sketch out the limbs.

    Using a few thin, straight lines, mark the position of the arms and legs. Draw the folds as large to draw an easy cook

  3. Add details.

    At this stage, you need to connect the already drawn parts of the to draw a chef cook

  4. Depict the arms.

    Give the arms the necessary thickness. To do this, depict the individual parts of the arms in the form of cylindrical figures. Draw the folds in the form of circles and add the to draw a chef art hub

  5. Sketch out the legs.

    Focus on the auxiliary lines and give the legs the desired thickness. Draw the upper parts of the legs with smooth lines and add the feet at the bottom.cook drawing lesson

  6. Detail the head.

    Make the oval of the face more clear, add ears on the sides. With the help of short lines depict the neck. Draw the cap on the head of the same shape as in our example.cook drawing tutorial

  7. Draw the elements of the face.

    Depict the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. In this lesson, you will not detail the face, you only need to outline the main contours of the elements of the face.cook drawing guide

  8. Start drawing the clothes.

    Draw the collar, add the contour of the shoulders and with the help of a few smooth lines depict the lower outline of the clothes.simple cook drawing

  9. Depict the sleeves.

    Draw smooth lines down and draw the outline of the sleeves. Add the small folds with short strokes.cartoon cook drawing

  10. Draw the hands.

    Be careful in this step and try to correctly depict the position of the fingers on each hand.easy cook drawing

  11. Detail the legs.

    Using short and long straight lines draw the pants as shown in my example.cook drawing step by step

  12. Add the shoes.

    This step will not be difficult, but it will also require you to be attentive and accurate. Here you have to draw the shoes in which the feet are turned in different directions.cartoon cook drawing for beginners

  13. Detail the clothes.

    Draw the outline of the clothes on the chest, add the side pocket and use small circles to draw some buttons. Add the small folds to the clothes.cook drawing for beginners step by step

  14. Correct inaccuracies.

    The main contours are ready, and now you can evaluate the drawing. If you notice mistakes, then immediately correct them and remove the extra lines.realistic cook drawing

  15. Color the drawing.

    To color the skin, use any natural shade. For coloring the costume, use a light gray color and do not forget to highlight the dark areas.simple cook drawing step by step

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