How to Draw a Brain

how to draw a brain

Today the team of will tell you how to draw a brain. This instruction will be quite simple, but at the same time, we will try to add anatomical points there.

We tried to get rid of difficult explanations in order to get the simplest instruction on a rather difficult topic.


Step 1

First, depict the contours of the brain. The visual contour of the brain is formed by two cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum. Below we draw a brain stem that also forms the well-known contours of the human brain.

how to draw a brain step by step


Step 2

Let’s divide the brain circuit into lobes. This is not a random order. Each lobe of the cerebrum is responsible for certain functions. For example, the occipital lobe is the center for processing visual information. The hearing center is located in the temporal gyrus.

By the way, in order to make it more convenient for you to navigate, we have designated each brain lobe with numbers:

  1. The frontal lobe;
  2. The parietal lobe;
  3. Temporal lobe;
  4. Occipital lobe;
  5. Cerebellum.

Step 3

Each lobe of the cerebrum consists of furrows and convolutions. A furrow is a line that divides parts of the brain called gyrus (furrow). Each gyrus has a specific function. Try to redraw these lines in frontal lobe as accurately as possible in order to correctly convey the anatomical structure.

how to draw a brain from the side

Step 4

Now we will depict the furrows and convolutions that form the parietal lobe of the cerebrum. This is a very important part that governs thought processes, such as counting in the mind.

how to draw a brain cartoon

Step 5

In this step, we will depict the gyrus and furrows that are located in the occipital lobe of the brain. Do you know why blows to the back of the head are prohibited in many sports? The occipital gyrus is the most important part of the visual analyzer. An injury to the occipital gyrus can deprive a person of vision with a healthy eye and an intact optic nerve.

how to draw a brain step by step easy

Step 6

This is the simplest lobe of the cerebrum. Let’s draw two horizontal furrows to indicate three gyruses. The temporal lobe is responsible for the analysis of hearing and the formation of long-term memory.

how to draw a simple brain step by step

Step 7

In this stage, we will depict the minutiae of the cerebellum and brain stem. The cerebellum is a very significant structure. It is the cerebellum that is responsible for the proper coordination of movements and balance.

To the left of the cerebellum is the brain stem. You might think that this is just a pair of rounded lines, right? In fact, the brain stem is an essential part of our body. The brain stem coordinates respiration and vascular tension.

how to draw a cartoon brain easy

Step 8

Let’s take a look at this brain to make sure that we have drawn everything anatomically correctly. Remember the names and boundaries of the lobes of the brain, evaluate the shape of the cerebellum. If everything is right with you, you can begin to work with colors.

how to draw brain picture

Step 9

The natural color of the brain is a cross between yellow and pink with a pale tint. Do not forget about the small stripes of shadows. This action will make your brain drawing more complete.

how to draw a brain

So, the instruction on how to draw a brain has come to an end. Write to us, what do you think of this manual? We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

The most important thing in this instruction is anatomical correctness. If you followed our instructions, then you drew a very good anatomically correct drawing. You can try to depict other parts of the body. For example, look at our guide about anime head.

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