How to Draw a Box

how to draw a box

In one of the previous instructions, we showed how to draw a chest, and today we show how to draw a box. These two instructions are very similar in structure, but the current one will be much simpler. We depicted a closed cardboard box that looked like a cuboid (rectangular cube).

So, to begin the process of creating an artwork, you will need your favorite art set. You can draw a box with a pencil on paper, or with an electronic pen on a graphics tablet.


Step 1

First, depict the side surface of the box. In this stage, the side face of the box looks like an uneven rhombus. For maximum uniformity, you can use a ruler. But if you want to learn how to draw straight lines, try to do without a ruler.

how to draw a box step by step

Step 2

Now depict the second side surface of the box. Try to repeat the ratio of the side faces of the box, as did the artists of in the artwork below.

how 2 draw box

Step 3

Let’s now form the top surface of the box. If you did everything right, then your sketch should look like a cuboid. To check the proportionality of your cube drawing, look at it through a mirror.

a box drawing

Step 4

So, dear readers of, attention, now we will turn the cuboid into a box with one easy movement of the hand. To do this, depict a longitudinal line in the upper central part of the cuboid.

how to draw a box step by step

Step 5

Since we are drawing a cardboard box, we will paint it light brown. But you can paint the box in any other color. Also, do not forget to add shadows to make the box look three-dimensional.

how to draw a box

The five simple stages of the instruction on how to draw a box are already behind. Using your knowledge, gleaned from this article, you can depict the box either separately or as part of a full-fledged artwork. For example, you can depict a warehouse with boxes, barrels and other relevant details.

And now we are waiting for your comments about our article. Was this instruction useful, and what works of art would you like to see on the pages of We are waiting for your comments because they are very important to us. We all read them and respond to many of them.


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