How to Draw a Dove

how to draw a dove

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a dove. It is one of the most common birds in the United States and other western countries. Traditionally, the dove is considered a symbol of peace and love. This bird often appears on company logos and children’s posters. The skill of drawing this bird will not be superfluous for anyone. This tutorial will be pretty simple.  So let’s try to draw this nice bird!


How to Draw a Dove

Step 1 – Draw the Outlines of the Head and Torso

So, we start a guide on how to draw a dove. First sketch out the outlines of the body and head of this lovely dove. The body looks like a large horizontal oval. The head looks like a small flattened circle. The shapes are located fairly close to each other.

how to draw a dove step by step

Step 2 – Sketch the Neck and Tail of the Dove

Connect the head and torso to form the neck. As a result, the neck should look like a short truncated cone. Draw a long, graceful ponytail with a curve that looks like an hourglass. In the front section, the tail width coincides with the width of the body of our dove

how to draw a dove flying

Step 3 – Sketch the Basic Outlines of the Wings

If you’ve ever looked at city pigeons, you might think they are pretty simple guys with button-like eyes. However, pigeons are among the fastest and most accurate flying creatures on the planet. So sketch out the front parts of the long, graceful wings. In-flight, the front parts of the wings form extended angles.

how to draw a dove simple

Step 4 – Draw Diverging Lines

Drawing each feather of a dove is too difficult and tedious, isn’t it? Therefore, we decided to outline only the large sections of the wing. Draw several straight lines that diverge from the main vertical line. It looks a bit like the pattern on Spider-Man’s suit.

how to draw a dove step by step easy

Step 5 – Finish Drawing the Outer Outline of the Wing

So, we continue the guide on how to draw a dove. Draw the outlines of the wings with the help of round beveled lines. The upper sections of the wing should look pointed, and the lower ones should have smooth rounded contours.

how to draw a dove flying step by step

Step 6 – Draw the Inner Feathers of a Dove

Draw similar outlines of feathers, only much smaller. As you can see, the feathers are arranged in three rows and the largest contours are located distally. These feathers have a different direction from the feathers from the previous step.

how to draw a dove easy

Step 7 – Draw the Facial Features of a Dove

We have a great pigeon silhouette. Now sketch out the rounded outline of the eye and the triangular outline of the beak. Divide the beak with one oblique line. The lower part of the beak should look significantly smaller

how to draw a cartoon dove

Step 8 – Draw the Tail

Draw some long horizontal lines to represent the tail of the pigeon. As you can see, these lines converge together in the proximal direction.

how to draw a beautiful dove

Step 9 – Start Drawing the Legs

Have you ever seen a dove in flight? Typically, these birds tuck their legs in order to improve aerodynamics. In our case, the pigeon is about to land, so we can see almost straightened legs. So, draw the front outlines of the legs of our bird.

how to draw a simple dove bird

Step 10 – Draw the Distal Parts of the Dove’s Legs

Draw the outlines of the paws of our lovely bird. As you can see, from this angle, it looks a bit like a human hand. One large, rounded finger as opposed to the other fingers. All fingers have pointed claws.

how to draw a dove super easy

Step 11 – Erase the Guidelines

To make your dove drawing look really beautiful and complete, erase all auxiliary guidelines. You can darken the lines of your picture to make it more expressive. Before all the actions, make sure that the lines and proportions from the previous steps are correct.

easy way to draw a dove

Step 12 – Color the Dove Drawing

Now let’s paint this lovely dove. You can use the color palette provided by the artists of or come up with your own colors. We decided to use light gray and dark gray for the feathers, dark gray for the legs and the beak, and brown for the eye. Don’t forget about the highlight inside the eye contour.

how to draw a dove

Well, did it work out? Pigeons can be of different colors, so if you like, you can paint them gray, black, or any other color. You can experiment and portray a whole flock of pigeons, come up with a story and exterior for them. So unleash your imagination! Write comments and share your impressions of our step-by-step drawing lessons. We are doing our best for you!

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